About Us


Jessica and I come from a family of six, our parents and four daughters. We are all very close, but Jess and I share one very strong common interest, or addiction as I call it, food. We will call each other up just to talk about what we just ate or baked. At work people know, if it involves eating or cooking, I am going to be there. Our love for food, cooking, family, and eating helped us to start a blog where we can share our culinary experiences with each other and other food lovers. We want to uncover our family’s favorite recipes and bring them to life on our blog.

A crumb out of our lives: We grew up in a small town in Washington called Randle, where the closest Wal-Mart is an hour and twenty minutes away. People always ask, ” What did you do for fun in Randle?” We grew up playing sports and spending a lot of time with family. All four of us went on to Lewis & Clark College where Jess and I played fast-pitch and our other two sisters ran track. Jessica currently lives in Champagne, Illinois, where she is enrolled in a PHD program for Computer science. She is the oldest of us four girls and has been the best role model for all of us. My name is Jet’aime, I am the third of the Mullins girls and I am currently living in Tacoma Washington where I work for a bank.



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